We’re here to:

Make Mosier More…

              • Wonderful

              • Beautiful

              • Memorable

              • Unique

The Main Street Movement is a nation-wide approach to managing and revitalizing downtowns. Organizations exist at state and city levels with a primary focus on rural areas and small towns. It gives local communities a chance to create the vision they see for their town through the framework of a non-profit. Main Street Mosier is an organization of open membership made up of local citizens who care about Mosier. We want to Make Mosier More while preserving its rich history and unique flavor.

What is our Mission?

To improve the quality of life in Mosier by uniting community development, sustainable business, and historical preservation.

What are our current goals and projects?

To beautify Mosier by improving and decorating its parks and public spaces. Specifically, we are revitalizing Mosier’s Totem Park for the city’s 100th anniversary in September 2014.
To assist the City of Mosier through planning and fundraising.
To help create a public gathering place in Mosier.


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